Momò Pizzeria


Momò is a new way of conceiving Pizzeria and Restaurant. It brings together quality, beauty and simplicity, features that Momò wants to foster and carry on with determination and desire to amaze.

Amedeo and Francesco Saragò

Quality, beauty and simplicity

Simple, beautiful,
nice and immediate

How was Momò born?
Vision was clear, then that needed a name. What name? A person’s name? Classic. Something about food? Predictable. Thousands ideas and names but no one conform at the main concept we had in mind.

While resignation was taking place, preaching calm and confidence he popped up… “It’s hard to find a cool name that is not yet heard around!”… “Now it pops up! Now Now!” (Now is meant to be Mo spelt in local Italian). Easy, nice, cool and straight. We found him!

Through Momò we want to spread happiness, freshness, desire to spend amazing time in a comfortable place, warm and familiar along with delicious food and good music. We want to amaze. Come and visit us… Momò!

Momò means excellence.

The choice of raw materials and production processes are done with care and attention, following a fundamental milestone: quality.

  • Flours are chosen in order to guarantee the maximum digestibility.
    The final product is the outcome of an accurate making and a longtime leavening, between sixty and seventy two hours. That allows tasting an unparalleled pizza, the real genuine Neapolitan pizza with high and light crust, incredibly digestible.
  • We only use fior di latte mozzarella.
    Usually fior di latte and mozzarella are erroneously considered synonyms. Actually, these are two different products about preparation and taste. Fior di latte has a more delicate taste compared to mozzarella, also it is a cheese firmly softer, sweeter and less fat. Is for this reason that we decided to use only fior di latte;
  • Vegetables Km0.
    All the food that goes on top of our pizzas must follow the extraordinary excellence of flours and dairy products in order to make a unique final product. Vegetables derive from our field: pepperoni, aubergines, zucchini, potatoes and more are chosen accurately, every day, in order to guarantee quality and beauty of all our pizzas, gourmet sandwiches and typical courses. If one of our pizzas has colorful pepperoni on top is because we want to make it, as well as delicious, even amazingly beauty. Even the sight needs care and attention.
  • Our kitchen, one of our prides.
    Our kitchen laboratory makes the products that are going on top of pizzas, into sandwiches and courses. Pesto sauce, pumpkin’s cream, cheese’s cream and a lot more are made by our laboratory, place of creativity and passion. There is a thread that binds pizzeria and cuisine and it is the will to creating a genuine and qualitative product. We want to amaze our hosts, and the astonishment in their eyes push us to go beyond in order to reach perfection.