Our creations

marinara sbagliata 1marinara sbagliata 2

Marinara Sbagliata NEW

Create a masterpiece through a mistake! That’s the Marinara sbagliata. Strong and soft flavors, the sweetness of the datterino tomato and buffalo mozzarella join the strong taste of anchovies and capers, making a delicious mix
Tomato sauce, Datterino tomato yellow and red, Pachino tomato, anchovies, Capers, Oregano, Buffalo mozzarella on top

Mortadella NEW

Mortadella is both beauty and goodness! Pistachio through his sauce and grains perfectly merges with roses of fresh mortadella just sliced giving a unique sense of goodness and beauty. A spoonful of buffalo stracciatella cream on top of every rose makes pizza mortadella impossibile to not get in picture.
Fiordilatte mozzarella, Mortadella, Pistachio sauce, Buffalo stracciatella, Basil, Grana cheese, Minced pistachio
wild 1wild 2

Wild NEW

She’s beautiful, she’s Wild! Field and sea with salmon, buffalo mozzarella, and parsley’s shower before served, offers a sweet freshness sensation.
Fiordilatte cheese, Salmon, Porcini mushrooms, Burrata cheese, Parsley


What does it mean being happy? Barely look, feel and taste our new entry: Joy! Base of handmade aubergine cream, the yellow datterini tomato sweetness, the delicious taste of the small aubergine chips, grana cheese shavings, fresh buffalo mozzarella on top and big fresh basil leaves. Simply… Joy! 🙂
Aubergine’s cream, Yellow datterini tomatoes, Aubergine’s chips, Grana cheese shavings, Buffalo mozzarella on top, Basil
la- pizza-calabrese-prima-della-cotturapizza-calabrese-tipica-crotonese-salsiccia-peperoncino-salsiccia-olive


Tradition and genuineness with our local aged salami and fresh chili pepper, spicy and delicious.
Tomato sauce, Fiordilatte mozzarella, Salami, Olives, Fresh chili pepper


Vegetables and cheese Km0 coming from our small local farmers. A mix of grilled vegetables and cheeses are going to leave you wordless.
Base of Fiordilatte mozzarella
¼ Zucchini, Emmenthal cheese
¼ Aubergines and Smoked provola cheese
¼ Ricotta cheese, Spinach
¼ Boiled potatoes, Gorgonzola cheese

4 Pomodori

Four different tomatoes in a pizza that combines the strong taste of dried tomatoes typical of our place, kind taste of pachino tomatoes and the sweetness of yellow and red datterini tomatoes.
¼ Tomato sauce and Buffalo mozzarella
¼ Pachino tomatoes and Fiordilatte mozzarella
¼ Datterini tomatoes and Fiordilatte cheese
¼ Dried tomatoes and Fiordilatte mazzarella


One of our creations, delicious and beautiful. Luccicanza literally shines the senses through the contrast of kind and strong tastes. Fior di latte mozzarella and squash blossoms match with bacon and nduja chili.
Base of Pumpkin sauce, Fiordilatte mozzarella, Bacon, ‘Nduja chili, Pumpkin flowers
pizza-picasso-prima-della-cotturapizza-picasso-di momò-pizzeria


It cannot be unbelievably fascinating and delicious. Sea, field and cheeses in one olny creation. Shrimps and salmon, Grilled zucchini on a base of fresh ricotta cheese, buffalo mozzarella on top to give a touch of freshness for a masterpiece pizza.
Base of ricotta, Fiordilatte cheese, Shrimps, Zucchini, Salmon, Buffalo mozzarella on top


Try to imagine the sweetness of pumpkin’s cream with the strong taste of our local fresh sausage. That combined with grilled aubergines and smoked provola cheese. Delicious!
Base of Pumpkin sauce, Fiordilatte mozzarella, Aubergine, Fresh sausage, Smoked provola cheese, Grana cheese shavings, EVO oil
momo 1momo 2


Two halves at the mirror, that look each other and offer them to you.. first half white, second half red. First half with tomato sauce, oregano and buffalo mozzarella on top, the other half offers all the flavors that we are used and love to taste through the cold season: fresh sausage, potatoes and pepperoni, and a pinch of nduja chili sauce.
½ Tomato sauce, Oregano, Buffalo mozzarella on top
½ Fiordilatte mozzarella, Pepperoni and potatoes, Fresh sausage, ‘Nduja chili